Who we are

  • We deliver and deploy integrated technology solutions to help countries become fully digitalized.
  • We work directly with government agencies, local businesses and non-governmental organizations to deploy blockchain technology to help them better serve their communities.
  • Property Valuation and Tax Collection.
  • We design and customize cadastral system, GIS coordinates ¬†with international and local evaluation standards.
  • Monetize and converting data into revenue.
  • We support government and private revenue generating institutions to enhance their revenue through our fusion center.
  • Through our fusion center government can make sound policy decisions.
  • We are specialized in Mineral Discovery and Valuation.
  • We Monitor, Survey and Track illegal mining activities through our technology.

Products and Services

Economic Identity | Property Valuation & Tax Collection

Mineral Discovery, Valuation and Management

Fusion Centers and Blockchain Database

Smart Country Program development and integration