Who we are

  • We deliver and deploy integrated technology solutions to help countries become fully digitalized.
  • We work directly with government agencies, local businesses and non-governmental organizations to deploy blockchain technology to help them better serve their communities.
  • Property Valuation and Tax Collection.
  • We design and customize cadastral system, GIS coordinates  with international and local evaluation standards.
  • Monetize and converting data into revenue.
  • We support government and private revenue generating institutions to enhance their revenue through our fusion center.
  • Through our fusion center government can make sound policy decisions.
  • We are specialized in Mineral Discovery and Valuation.
  • We Monitor, Survey and Track illegal mining activities through our technology.

Products and Services

Economic Identity | Property Valuation & Tax Collection

Mineral Discovery, Valuation and Management

Fusion Centers and Blockchain Database

Smart Country Program development and integration

Data Edge Revenue facilitates the collection of property data digitally via smartphone or tablet even when not in cellular or Wi-Fi coverage areas. The data is synced automatically with a central distributed blockchain database. Valuation and subsequent taxation is calculated. Taxation notifications are distributed to property owner’s digitally and can be easily accessed and paid via mobile application or at our Fusion Centers. The Blockchain back-end provides provenance traceability and transparency of transactions. The digital ledger cannot be altered or tampered with once the data is entered. Fraud is less likely and easier to spot.

Create new program for mineral development and management that optimizes revenue collection Leverage the latest in remote sensing technology to quickly and economically collect a comprehensive inventory of key mineral regions Utilize US and Africa experts to identify quantify and consult on maximizing revenue collection for the country Develop a monitor program for ensuring compliance to safety and regulations using satellite and UAV.

We deploy our economic identity program which is the digital or electronic credentials needed to gain financial access and economic empowerment. It is a record of a person’s financial history occupation daily transactions business licenses as well as land/property records education and healthcare records. We also launch critical life events such as: • Harvest history crop insurance market access • Micro finance • Birth registration immunization health history • Education and job skills • Movable and other collateral for asset financing.

Includes: blockchain open source data proprietary data social media streams satellite drone proximity sensors application program interfaces (API) from other software programs (i.e. flight tracking etc.) photos videos reports and global situational awareness live data for natural (i.e. weather fire floods etc.) and man made threats (i.e. terrorism crime medical security etc.).

We deploy a “Smart Country Program” to help a nation leapfrogs legacy ICT system and use digitization to drive socio-technical transformation that raises the standard of living for its citizens, enhances the quality of government and enables economic inclusion for its people in today’s global economy.

Mission Statement

Data Edge Revenue believes that digitization is the most powerful path to social and economic advancement. Data Edge Revenue helps West African countries cost-effectively harness the power of data for economic growth. By working directly with government agencies, local businesses and non-governmental organizations, Data Edge Revenue customizes complete systems to collect, analyze and monetize real-time data. For the first time, West African countries can generate, own, process, share and transact data associated with their intellectual, natural, manufactured, and human resources. Data Edge Revenue’s customized, block-chain based systems, put West African countries in control of their data to decrease reliance on international aid while empowering their citizens with greater social and economic inclusion.


“Data is the new currency, Let’s make it accessible.”

Malador Sowe M
CEO / President Data Edge Revenue

Our Team

We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business teams.

Malador Sowe M
CEO / President

Malador Sowe M
CEO / President
Susan Michaels
Financial Manager

Susan Michaels
Financial Manager
John Lambert
Sales Manager

John Lambert
Sales Manager
Vincent Adams
Network Engineer

Vincent Adams
Network Engineer



This is a life-changing opportunity for my country Sierra Leone to elevate into the next phase.
Dr Samura Kamara - Minister OF Foreign Affiars and international Relations (SIERRA LEONE)

Leaders in technology

I was able to help my country move forward. Thank you DER!
Hon. Sewi Jugbeh - Minister of Agriculture, Nigeria

Collaborating was efficient

Working together with DER has been the best!
Andrew Adams - Google Africa

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